Monitoring and Diagnostics

Confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the measurements is paramount before any advantages can be realized to their full potential. Allow us to use our Hg CEMS Monitoring Program to effectively and efficiently operate your mercury continuous emissions monitoring systems (Hg CEMS) and other continuous mercury monitoring equipment (CMMS) as well as enhance your ability to assure data integrity.

Ensure Reliability

Discover failures quickly through constant observation, analysis, and reporting of all major components. Take immediate action or schedule preventive maintenance before critical failures.

Optimize Controls

Optimize mercury control sorbent/reagent utilization through real-time analytics and implementation of feedback controls on emissions control equipment.

Promote Improvements

Promote continuous improvement through operational training, process optimization, and strategy refinement.


Our innovative and flexible products combine with insight of remote monitoring and control, expertise of troubleshooting and repair activities, and exemplary customer service.

  • Condition Assessment
    We offer on-site consultations and provide recommendations to enhance the efficiency of your mercury monitoring plan.
  • Remote Diagnostics
    We will provide a remote performance evaluation of customer-furnished data set including functionality assessment and corrective actions.
  • Performance Monitoring
    We will give you a conclusive summary of discoveries and test results with a list of the most critical open items to improve performance.
  • Tuning And Corrective Actions
    We utilize remote access and control of the instruments for routine adjustments to enhanced quality assurance standards.


There are countless benefits to mercury continuous emissions monitors, but only if you have confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the equipment. Real time data is extremely valuable to make the critical decisions that affect the economic viability of your plant.

  • Support Your Team
    A discerning eye actively monitors your equipment 24/7, verifying proper operation and warning you of potential issues.
  • Trust Your Data
    Renew your faith in the mercury measurements to make better decisions that improve your emission control strategy.
  • Reduce Your Costs
    Avoid extensive troubleshooting and downtime while optimizing your plant operations with real-time emissions data.
  • Protect Your Plant
    Prevent failures in your mercury controls caused by process changes and decrease the risk of compliance violations.