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SimpleHg is located in the Denver metropolitan area in Colorado. Our mailing address and other contact information can be found on the Contact Us page.

I have worked on Thermo Scientific Mercury Freedom Systems and all supporting equipment for almost 20 years, so I stick to what I know. I currently do not provide service and consults for Tekran, ENVEA, Teledyne, or other brands of Hg CEMS. I also do not provide service for systems that measure other emissions or effluents (SO2, NOX).

SimpleHg is based out of Colorado but we provide services to customers throughout the continental United States. On-site emergency maintenance and repair services can typically happen within two days for locations shown on the service map below. Rapid on-site service also depends on scope of work, contracting, and availability. Locations outside of this area or plants with special requirements may require additional planning, resources, and delivery time.

A subscription plan is offered for long term contracts (annual) that include monitoring and maintenance services. Instead of billing up-front and all at once for an annual monitoring and maintenance contract, SimpleHg will invoice your company at the end of the month for all services completed. There are no surprises or unexpected fluctuations in cost! Subscription services can be cancelled at any time. Partial months of service are pro rated per day.

Of course! SimpleHg understands that your plant may not fall into the standard monitoring, maintenance, and testing packages described on this website. Our services are designed to be customized to the requirements of your plant. Your needs may also change over time and SimpleHg can create a custom plan just for you. Contact Us to begin a conversation about your service expectations and desired outcomes.

This is determined by your company’s cybersecurity and access controls. All access to remote computers or access points is under your full control and permissions. Many customers allow remote access using a combination of VPN, security tokens, multi-level authentication, and secure access portals with restricted permissions and constant monitoring of remote user actions. Data files may also be automatically scheduled for delivery via email if direct remote access is not available. SimpleHg can receive data in many different formats.

Data files and other documents are stored using data encryption on a per-file basis with restricted access and multi-factor authentication. Data received and used for analysis are stored in a central, auditable data platform that has been designed to meet GDPR requirements.

Yes! SimpleHg is an approved vendor of the Avetta and ISNetworld third party contractor management systems. As a member of ISNetworld and Avetta, clients can be guaranteed of our compliance with all applicable regulations and standards.

We accept company checks and automated clearing house (ACH) payments. Credit card payments are also accepted for parts and other small orders.

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